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case collaboration.

It could be a single project or an ongoing team effort. Freelance legal services provide you a way to hand over case work that will maximize your efficiency. From start to finish, there is full collaboration on client matters. Outsourcing lis essential to lawyering. Instead of hiring an associate or paralegal, hire as needed and no overhead complications.

project management.

Collaboration is important, but once the task is agreed upon, the project is given full attention and diligence. With the Agile approach, we use various programs and systems to break the project down into smaller bites.

experience and dedication.
Although the final product is yours, you can rest easy knowing that you are receiving quality legal work. With over four years of experience, we can provide you service built with extensive legal brief, legal research, and legal profession experience.

Problems in the profession
Burn Out/Extreme Stress 74%
Addiction 30%
Mental Health 47%
Practitioners Leaving Within Ten Years
Overall 24%
Women 70%

The numbers don't lie

Burn out. Alcohol and substance abuse. Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts. The legal profession is known for its fast pace and high stakes. But it comes with a cost. Does it have to be that way? Absolutely not. The only way to get off the wheel is to just do it. You are not stuck. You should wake up every day with excitement to get to work. What do you need in order to live a life that you love? 9/10 times people will say they need more hours in a day. We can't give you the 25th hour, but we can free up some of the existing ones.


about freelancing

curious about how this works?

Outsourcing legal services sounds complicated but it really isn’t. Here is what we are: an independent, contract basis legal service provider. We only provide services to licensed attorneys in good standing. The project is decided on and executed with the oversight of the contracting attorney.  It is a collaborative effort where you essentially get an “of-counsel” type of assistance, without the overhead. Ultimately, we provide you the benefits you would receive from an associate or paralegal, without all of the strings attached.

Here is what we are not: a licensed attorney providing legal services, advice or the unauthorized practice of law to the public. It is important to maintain the integrity of the legal profession and we stand by the ethics rules that guard it. Although Kim Felton is a licensed attorney, these services are conducted in tandem with another licensed attorney. Any project being done must be under the supervision of a licensed attorney and signed by them. We do not sign any of the documents, we do not represent the clients. We don’t prepare pro se petitions and we don’t review pro se work. If you would like to know more about the ethics of freelance legal services, please see the resources provided.


Kimberley Felton

As a graduate of Albany Law School, Kim has an immense dedication to the legal profession. She has a wide variety of experiences that all tie into her expertise, especially in immigration law. She is a firm believer that with a rapidly changing legal profession, flexibility and open-minded approach is the key to success. Her hard work ethic, ability to multi-task, desire to improve and inability to be complacent was the birth of Innovation Litigation. She operates a completely virtual immigration law firm in tandem with Innovation Litigation. Onward Immigration provides a virtual immigration attorney experience for the public, while Innovation Litigation provides a completely virtual experience for immigration attorneys.

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